CPHS - A History

The Cleveland Park Historical Society (CPHS) was founded in 1985 by a group of neighbors with two main goals in mind: to promote interest in the history of Cleveland Park and to encourage preservation of its architectural heritage and character as a friendly, residential community. After months of hard work by CPHS, the District's Historic Preservation Review Board designated Cleveland Park a historic district in November of 1986.

CPHS focused its efforts initially on securing rezoning of the Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenue commercial districts, to prevent further high density development that would be out of character for our residential community. The success of these endeavors led to the creation of a new "neighborhood commercial" zoning category, and resulted in preservation and redevelopment of the small-scale "park and Shop" complex at the Cleveland Park Metro station on Connecticut Avenue.

CPHS also established a system for review of architectural plans submitted by residents seeking permits for new construction or remodeling of all buildings in the Historic District. While the District's Historic Preservation Review Board is responsible for approving such plans, CPHS's Architectural Review Committee provides guidance to architects and owners and recommendations to the D.C. Review Board.

Over time, CPHS has become the neighborhood organization for Cleveland Park, encouraging residents and merchants to join forces on a variety of projects. Neighborhood beautification and the production of an annual street fair are just a few activities the Society has enthusiastically supported.

CPHS - The Organization

CPHS is a tax-exempt, non-profit community organization, run by a Board of Directors, one-third of whom are elected each year. All residents and merchants of the Cleveland Park historic district are encouraged to participate in the Society's activities and to volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors and the other committees. Friends, former residents and others interested in historic preservation are also urged to become involved. The Society's work is supported by dues, grants, and other voluntary contributions from the community.

In the years to come, CPHS seeks to continue to broaden its range in areas beyond development and architectural preservation, celebrating the richly diverse nature of its constituency. Your energy and ideas are welcome.

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